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What Is A Scooter?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The Skateboard car (Bicman) is a new type of product that moves after the traditional skateboard. Scooter speed can reach 20 km/h, this new product comes from technologically advanced Japan, but it is a German worker invented, it is a simple labor-saving sports machinery.

As early as three years ago, the scooter had been introduced to our country, but the price was too high and few people were interested in it. Until this very day, its price suddenly dropped, coupled with the production of its frenzied marketing, making it "popular", the most important thing is to play the scooter must have a high degree of understanding and courage, which is in line with the imaginative, like the challenges of the young people's taste, now the scooter has become a new generation of youth sports products. Visible, its charm is not inferior to skateboard oh.