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Trampoline Events
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Trampoline is divided into Bed-bounce and Single Hop.


Take advantages of elasticity of Bouncing Bed,bounce the athlete into the air,do all kinds of gymnastic sport and somersault in the air. It's divided into Men's Tumbling,Women's Tumbling,Men's pairs, Wonmen's pairs, Group projects and so on.There're each 10 actions prescribed and selected, according to the movement of the arrangement, difficulty and execution,make the final score. 

Single Hop

The game was done on a narrow&long&wooden special runway with a thick blanket. On the runway, theathletes must complete a set of difficult technical actions contiunously, including front flips,flip, flip-side,front somersault,somersault,then backward somersault with a somersault, finally fell on the runway at the end of the mat. According to the regulations, the whole set of movements should be made up of a single action within 8, and the final action must end with a somersault.

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