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The Status Quo Of Trampoline In China
- Oct 27, 2017 -

China's trampoline started late, in 1997 was "the National Sports Administration" as a formal competition, in 2002 to set up a trampoline team. With a good foundation for gymnastics, trampoline has developed very rapidly in China, and the Chinese team has been runner-up for the first time in the World Championships in 2003.

In the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, Chinese trampoline athlete Huangshan Shantou won a personal bronze medal. And in 2005 the World Trampoline Championships won the male women online Group champion. But in the preliminaries of the Olympic Games, she made a big mistake in the routines and missed the final.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China's trampoline movement finally ushered in a bumper harvest. Beijing time August 18 21 o'clock in the evening, at the National stadium end of the Olympic women's trampoline final, the first 20-year-old Chinese teenager Wenna 55.950 into the Chinese trampoline team to win the gold medal. The next day 21 o'clock, Chinese player Lu Chunlong to 41.00 cents, Dongdong at the same time by 40.60 bronze [1].

2012 London Olympic Games, Dongdong again won the men trampoline champion. Lu Chunlong won the bronze medal.

In the 2016-year-old Olympic Games, in the women's trampoline finals, the first Olympic Dan won the third place, Wenna finally ranked fourth. The Canadian McLennan became the first champion to win the title, the runner-up being British player Peggy.