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The Rules Of The Trampoline Game
- Oct 27, 2017 -

At present, the World Trampoline Championships set up the men's singles, 's, Nan, singles, doubles, medal 6 projects. The Olympic trampoline is set up on-line male and female personal two gold medals.

In trampoline competitions, athletes need to complete their routines and routines. In the trampoline project, a contestant needs to make 3 sets of different movements, each consisting of 10 movements. The first set of movements for the routine, in which only two of the action of the "difficult points", the second and third set of actions for routines routines.

A set of trampoline characteristics mainly manifested in the movement of the high drift, the movement of the rhythm of the connection and transformation, including the take-off of feet, back, abdomen, play, a full set of actions in the middle of no pause and intermediate jump. A set of trampoline movements should consist of a variety of forward and backward flip flips or flip movements. Athletes should show graceful posture, correct action technique, ideal height and good body control ability.

Athletes are not allowed to wear jewellery and watches during competitions. Women athletes must wear white socks in the match. Violators will be disqualified for the round.

Each contestant can have 1 coaches to play protection, in any case, no more than 4 protectors around the net.