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The Development Course Of Scooter
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Scooter is popular in Japan and Southeast Asia, because it is easy to learn, only a minute to learn, 10 minutes can make some patterns action. So, the heat wave of scooter gradually landed in the domestic market. "Scooter" is very lightweight, the weight is generally below 3kg, when stored in a folding state, in 30 seconds can be expanded or folded.

Scooter due to the speed of moderate, easy to operate, there is a brake device (on the rear wheel brakes), if only the usual transportation, ordinary entertainment, the general situation is not easy to fall. So it is suitable for the use of a variety of age, especially in the youth is to let people fondle admiringly, to have a vehicle proud. Scooter is a good exercise effect for teenagers who are developing perfect balance system.

The origin of scooter: The Origin of Scooter in 1993, a German engineer named Sieghartstxaka, who was in the grip of his car, put two skateboards wheels on a piece of aluminum and then added a retractable metal armrest to the scooter. After months of improvement, he took him to the railway station to work every day. At the beginning of his ride to work, he was despised by all, including passers-by and colleagues. But it wasn't long before an investor came to the door, and he thought the hand-held scooter had a very good market opportunity. He is willing to invest in the production of this "great invention". So, a few years ago, skateboarding swept the European and American, 5 years later, came to China.