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How To Play The Scooter
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The scooter is very convenient to use. If you've never played, Don ' t worry! As long as you can ride a bike, you can play! Because the abstract point, the scooter is like a small bike, its overall structure to take the upper body of the bicycle (front), the lower body to take a skateboard, but it has only two wheels. If you don't even have a bike, no problem! Because there are pictures on each scooter that teach you how to use and save. If you want to play tricks, you can tell me about the highest level of skateboarding (what I see at the moment): You can hold the rear wheel with both hands, grab the front of the head, lift the head, then turn the center of gravity, rotate the two laps in mid-air, and turn to three laps, or clamp the castor wheel, formerly the center of gravity, turn the rear wheel and rotate two laps, If you can do this trick, prove that you have reached the "perfect" state.

And cheap, simple, and trendy, want to buy a car to go back to high? If you want, do it quickly.