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Four-wheel Skateboard
- Oct 27, 2017 -

2006, a nextsport began to produce four roller scooters, known as fuzions. Fuzions is bigger and heavier than razor and micro. Early fuzion had bigger, wider wheels and very large pedals. Unlike its predecessor, scooters, such as Fuzion NX, have smaller, firmer wheels and a 360-degree swivel handlebar.

In a few cases, the freestyle scooter rider converted the standard aluminum scooter into a four roller coaster. Russia's Timur Mamatov is the first to do so. The method of refitting the scooter is not popular.

The portrait stone of the Han Dynasty discovered "Scooter"

"Scooter" was born in the 90 's Germany, this is the work of the family's means of transport, after the introduction of China, but quickly become a children's toys. Recently, the Netizen @ 66 His mother took the son to visit the forest of Steles, in a piece of the Han Dynasty portrait stone, also found a "skateboard car", from the time, compared to the German invention early nearly 2000 years! Netizens ridicule: Ancient everywhere is the figure of the cross!