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Development History Of Trampolineļ¼ˆBounding Table)
- Oct 27, 2017 -

The history of Trampoline(Bounding Table) can be traced back to the Comanche Indians of North America in the middle of the nineteenth Century, and the acrobats from the Chinese Circus using a similar trampoline at least 200 years ago. The founder of the modern Bungee Trampoline is a french acrobats named Du Trampolin.He made a protective Net with Hemp Rope,to enhance the Safety of the "flying trapeze" (there is a famous movie named "Kuchu Buranko" responsed this sports too), and used the elasticity of the Safety-Net to throw the acrobats into the air,complete various difficult movements.

In 1930s,the American Diving Champion George Nissen made the similar current Trampoline, and used it to improve his diving&fipping training,the established his brand name "King's Trampoline".

During World War II, the United States used trampoline to train pilots and navigators to achieve good results,then became a popular sport gradually in high schools&universities in USA.In 1947, the United States held the1st National Trampoline exhibition in Texas, then became into a formal competition in 1948 and introduced into Europe. In1958,Britain held the 1st National Trampoline's Championships, then held the 1st Worldwide Trampoline's Championships in 1964. In 1969,France held the 1st European Trampoline Championships in Paris.

In 1999,the International Trampoline Federation became an International Gymnastics association, and in 2000,Trampoline became a formal competition project in the 27th Olympic Games,there're two projects for men and women,12 athletes per project.Then it's important as same as Eurythmics Gymnastics&Artistic Gymnastics.

Now,the Trampoline is getting more and more popular in Gym Clubs,School,Training Center,Enterprise even many family.