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Ways and suggestions to reduce excessive wear of electric scooter tires
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Electric scooters and balancing cars play a role in modern society and allow more people to fall in love with them, but many users are distressed that a lot of times the car is still good but tires are worn and tires are replaced.

Tire wear from the pressure and a series of other external forces, so in the use of a balanced car (electric scooter), if the situation allows for not to rush the premise, as far as possible to speed, so that the pressure reduction of the tires can reduce the tire wear.

The cleaning of tyres is also very important, sometimes in the rain days, when the road is muddy. When the car is riding, it will be covered with silt, including the fender, the silt sticking to the tyre, the friction will be enhanced after the moisture dries up, which will also increase the wear of the tyre.

And it's important to choose the road when you're riding, and don't go on a bumpy path when you can walk as smoothly as possible. Including some gravel roads or uneven potholes. Some users like to be in a bad road where the car, in fact, this way is not appropriate, because the road is not good and there may be other different materials on the road, too hard objects on the tires caused by the wear is relatively large, and in bad conditions cycling is not safe.