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Scooter Precautions
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Do not use on normal roads.

Be sure to make sure that each part is loose and that the latch lever is locked before taking a ride.

Scooter is not a toy, except for the ride, do not use as other uses.

For the sake of safety, in the use of the helmet, wrist, rubber soles, etc., in order to do a good job of physical protection measures. In addition, do not wear sunglasses and headphones when playing. At the same time, slippery shoes, high heels are not wearable.

When riding, do not ride in the way of stunt.

Do not use at night, rain, snow or gravel, sand grains, pit holes and other dangerous places. At the same time, the high and low level of road, frequent vehicles and more pedestrian areas, please do not drive.

The maximum weight limit for scooters is 1 00 kg. Please do not use if you are overweight.

As the scooter is an emerging sport, but also a child's favorite, and when the child playing scooter, in addition to wearing a safe protective equipment, preferably by the parents beside, avoid dangerous movements, the venue should also choose a more open and flat place.

When choosing a scooter, the material and performance of the scooter should be considered, and the most important thing is to remind the child to pay attention to his own safety.

To prevent the recurrence of similar accidental injuries, causing unnecessary regrets.

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