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Playing scooter
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Learning to play scooters must have a certain sense of balance and a healthy physique, too weak and small children should not be too young to contact the sport prematurely. Exercise itself is to enhance the child's physique, so that children in a happy mood to enhance their sense of balance and limb coordination ability. It is recommended that children over the age of 3 can start learning scooters, and before learning, it is best to have a tricycle experience:

1, easy for the baby master handlebar Skills control car steering;

2, children use the scooter, the baby will soon be able to master the way of bicycle taxiing, will help to ride two of wheels in the future of bicycles.

The benefits of a scooter

1, enhance the baby's sense of balance, promote the body, waist, arms and legs of the overall coordination.

2, according to the characteristics of the child's personality, the development of a scooter training program, from the beginning of the failure to the final success of the process, so that children become bold, more perseverance.

Suggestion: If the long-term play scooter, will appear the leg muscle is excessively developed, affects the overall development of the body, even affects the height development. In addition, playing scooter needs a good balance, waist, knee, ankle need to support the body, these parts are very easy to hurt, so before the slide to do warm-up exercise, and wear a good knee, elbow, helmet and other self-defense equipment. Glide speed should not be too fast, otherwise the possibility of collision or own fall, causing injury.